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Reservation System
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Campground Admin Accounts

One of the first steps in setting up a campground at is to create a campground administrator account. This is free to create and lets you add campgrounds to your profile. You can create an account, and add campgrounds to try out the system, at no cost and with no obligations. You can also disable the reservation system on your campground until you are ready to turn it on and start receiving online reservations. To create an admin account click on 'Create Account' from the top menu.

Select Campground Admin for User Type. Please note that all fields are required.

Campground Admins have full capabilities to add and manage campgrounds.

Campground Admins have the following capabilities:

  • Create, View & Edit Campgrounds
  • Create, View & Edit Campground Areas
  • Create, View & Edit Campsites
  • Create, View & Edit Rental Items
  • Create, View & Edit Store Items
  • Search Available Sites
  • View Campground Calendar (Campsites)
  • View Campground Calendar (Rental Items)
  • Run Reports
  • Create, View & Edit Orders
  • Create, View & Edit Reservations
  • Create, View & Edit Receipts
  • Modify Reservation Settings
  • Create, View & Edit Campsite Types & Rates
  • Create, View & Edit Rental Types & Rates
  • Create, View & Edit Tax Rates
  • Create, View & Edit Amenities (Campground)
  • Create, View & Edit Amenities (Campground Area)
  • Create, View & Edit Documents
  • Create, View & Edit Holiday Dates
  • Create, View & Edit Employees
  • Create, View & Edit Discounts
  • Block Off Resources
  • Create, View & Edit Reservation System Plugin
  • Modify General Campground Information
  • Manage Refunds Due to Customers (using PayPal)

    After creating your admin account, you will be presented with a welcome screen with options to create your first campground or to edit your user information.

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