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Campground Areas

Creating a New Campground Area

Campground Areas are a way of grouping campsites or rental items together in a given area. If you have a small campground, you will probably only need one campground area. In that case, we recommend naming your campground area simply 'Main Campground Area'. To add a campground area, browse to your campgrounds page and near the bottom look for the option to add a campground area. You can create as many campground areas as you like.

This will take you to the page to fill in details about your campground area. Since large campgrounds may have multiple campground areas spread out over various different areas, each campground area requires information such as Name, Address, City, Email Address, and Office Phone Number. If you are a smaller campground and only have one campground area, just enter in the same information as your campground. If you have a large campground such as a state or national park, you may have quite a few different campground areas that are far apart with their own address and information. You may also want to break down large areas into loops. To do this, specify the campground area name like 'Waterfront Campground' and then add a loop name like 'Loop A'. This will result in a campground area display name of 'Waterfront Campground - Loop A'.

If you only have one campground area, you may decide to hide the campground area name in the options. Campsites and rental items will still show up as a group but the campground area name will not be shown. However, note that this will also disable the ability to upload photos to the campground area. Instead, just upload campground area photos with campground photos on the campground page.

Here is what a completed campground area looks like with campsites and a rental item (picnic shelter).

Now that you have a campground area, you will need to specify campsite types and rates and/or rental item types and rates before you can start adding campsites and rental items to your campground area.

Viewing a Campground Area Page

Campground area pages can be viewed by clicking on the Campground Area Name from the campground, campground area, campsite, and rental item pages. Campground Area pages have the following sections:

  • Information
  • Reservations
  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Documents & Files
  • Photos
  • Store Items
  • Campground Areas


    The information section shows information such as address, contact information, a description of the campground area, and general policies.


    The reservation section shows reservation policies and an option to search for available items to reserve. This includes campsites and rental items. Campsites are reserved by the night and rental items by the day. Therefore, the reservations section shows a 'Duration' option which covers both days and nights.


    The location section will show a Google Map of the campground area's location if geo coordinates have been entered on the campground area information page. This section will also show driving directions to the campground area if they have been entered.


    The amenities section shows a list of amenities available at the campground.

    Documents & Files

    The documents & files section displays a list of available documents and files for the campground.


    The photos section shows available photos of the campground.

    Store Items

    The store items section shows a list of available store items that customers can add to their shopping cart and purchase.

    Campground Areas

    The campground areas section shows a list of all available campground areas, campsites, and rental items.

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