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The Campsite Reservations system includes several reports to help campgrounds manage and track sales and reservations.

  • Order Report - The order report provides overall sales information of a purchase and includes customer information and financial details such as: Total, Fees, Amounts Paid, and Amount Due.
  • Order Detail Report - The order detail report provides some similar information to the order report but is broken down by Order number, Reservation number, and Receipt number. This report includes some financial information but does not include Fees, Amount Paid, or Amount Due which are at the order level.
  • Customer List - The customer list report provides a distinct list of customers and their contact information.

    To access reports, click on the 'Reports' option from the Campgrounds menu.

    The reports page has several options available for generating customized reports.

    Date Filtering:

  • Start Date - Only applicable to the Order Detail report.
  • End Date - Only applicable to the Order Detail report.

    The date range can be used to filter by the following:
  • Order Date - Date of when the purchase was made.
  • Reservation Date - Date of when the reservation occurs.

    Include Orders Placed By:
  • Campers - Orders that were placed by customers online.
  • Campground - Orders entered by campground admins or employees.
  • Campers & Campground - Include all orders that were placed by customers online, and campground admins and employees.

    Report Formats:
  • Excel
  • PDF

    After selecting all of the desired report options, click the 'Create Report' button. This will generate the report and provide you with a link to download the report. Below the link to download the report, you will also be given a username and password. Use these credentials at the login prompt that appears after you click the download report link.

    At the login prompt, enter in the username and password which were provided on the reports page. If you enter the credentials incorrectly, you will receive an error. To try again, you will unfortunately need to close your browser and log back in to try again.

    If you entered the credentials correctly, you will be provided with an option to save the report file to your computer after a few moments. Here is a partial glimpse of an example Order Detail report in Excel. However, an actual report provides a lot more detail regarding orders and customer information.

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