How Cancellations Work

Cancellation Process Overview

Cancellations happen. Things come up and plans can change. No problem! Campsite Reservations can handle it.

First, campground admins can specify cancellation policies which will be shown during the reservation process and during checkout. Admins can also set a cancellation fee amount by campsite type and rental type.

Campers can cancel their own reservations online, or they can call the campground and ask for help with cancelling their order or reservation.

Campgrounds are responsible for issuing refunds to customers but Campsite Reservations has a built-in system to help with this process using PayPal. During check-out, customers are notified, and must acknowledge, that all refunds will be issued through PayPal.

If campers have already paid and are owed a refund, this will show up in the campground's drop-down list under 'Refunds Due'. Campsite Reservations provides a convenient way for campground admins and employees to balance out the funds and helps to determine what amount a customer is owed. If the customer is still owed a refund, the campground admin or employee can simply click on a PayPal button which brings up a PayPal payment window set with the camper's email address and amount due. Payment is then made to the customer. Once the refund has been paid, the campground admin or employee will then click another button in the Campsite Reservations system to mark that the refund has been paid and that the refund / transaction is now complete.

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