Submitting Reviews
Got a few extra minutes during your camping trip? Submit reviews and earn up to $8 per review!
A big part of campsite reservations is reviews that are written by campers just like yourself. Reviews help to tell others what you may have liked, or didn't like, about a particular campground, park, campground area, or campsite. Campground areas are different camping areas within a park or campground. Large parks such as national parks may have multiple campground areas located in different areas of the park. Smaller campgrounds will probably only have one campground area per campground.

All reviews need to meet the following or they will not be approved.
  • The review is written in English.
  • The reviewer is not employed by, associated with, or affiliated in any way with the park/campground/campsite that the review is for.
  • The review was written in a professional and constructive manner.
  • The review does not include profanity, racist, or offensive comments.

    You must be logged in to submit a review. You will get 2 compensation options to choose from.

    We greatly appreciate reviews with the donation option. Reviews help other campers and donations help the community by providing content, keep our operating costs down, and keeps the website online.

    We know that writing a review can take some time but you can earn some extra money on your travels by submitting a review with the Payment option. While it's a small fortune, it can quickly add up! Amounts earned will show up in your account after reviews have been approved. Balances will be paid out at the begining of each month through PayPal. To see compensation rates, select the country you are from and click the button below. Please note that rates may change so be sure to check this page for the latest rates.

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