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System Overview

Camping Reservation System Overview

The reservation system is a robust online reservation system that is free for campgrounds, RV parks, State Parks, Provincial Parks, National Parks, etc. worldwide. It is shopping cart based and can easily be added to your existing website (optional) with only one line of code. It supports any number of campsites, rentals / day use items, store items, and an unlimited number of photos. It is also mobile device friendly. Customers can search for campgrounds and book reservations from their favorite mobile device or computer.

Campgrounds can upload maps and files and can run their own reports. Campsite Reservations is a cloud-based solution that uses PayPal's secure payment system for all transactions. Payments are collected from generated sales and paid to campgrounds each week using PayPal.

Campers frequently visit to make camping reservations and to view photos and reviews. By using the reservation system, you drive traffic to your campground and provide your customers with an easy-to-use reservation system and which can help increase your bookings.

All of this is provided to campgrounds at no cost and no obligations. Click the 'Create Account' button to create a free account and start trying it out today!

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Add The Reservation System to Your Website

Quickly and easily insert the Campsite Reservations system into your own website using the plugin feature. By adding only one line of code to your page, you can implement the Campsite Reservations system into your site and start accepting online orders and reservations in just minutes. You can even easily customize colors within the reservation system pages to match your sites color scheme.

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Shopping Cart & Secure Payment System

Campsite Reservations uses a shopping cart based system. Customers can add as many items as they like to their cart and check out whenever they are ready. It also uses PayPal to process transactions which is a very secure payment system.

Mobile Device Friendly

The system is mobile device friendly. Customers can use the Campsite Reservations system to search for campgrounds, add items to their shopping cart, and make purchases from any device they like. Campground admins can setup and fully manage their campgrounds from a desktop computer or their favorite mobile device!

Rentals & Day Use Items

Does your campground rent things like picnic shelters, canoes, kayaks, bicycles, paddleboards, boats, etc.? The Campsite Reservations system fully supports any number of rental and day use items. You can specify rates by rental type and can upload an unlimited number of photos per rental item for customers to see.

Sell Store Items Online

Time to setup shop! With the Campsite Reservations system, you can add store items for customers to purchase online. Some common items for sale might include bags of ice or bundles of firewood. You can also upload an unlimited number of photos per item for customers to see.

Large International Support

Over 200 countries and 17 different currencies are supported on the Campsite Reservations system. We also support 139 Time Zones and a range of different date, time, and number formats. So, wherever your campground may be, we got you covered.

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Start accepting online reservations in just minutes!
Create a free campground admin account and start setting up your campground.

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Campground Setup

As a campground owner, create a new user account as a 'Campground Admin' user type. As a campground admin, you can then create, setup, and configure a campground. Next, add all of the campsites, rental items, and store items that are available at your campground. You can also specify which campsites are reservable, which rental items are available for rent, and which store items are for sale and in stock.

Customers will then be able to start placing orders and making reservations online. Campsite Reservations collects funds from purchases and distributes the amount owed to campgrounds (Sale Amount - PayPal Fee - Campsite Reservations Fee) each week on Monday's through PayPal. It is true that the Campsite Reservations system is provided to campgrounds at no cost. However, we do collect a PayPal fee and a Campsite Reservations fee for online purchases made by campers.

When setting up a campground, Campsite Reservations has some concepts that are worth mentioning. First, the concept of 'campground' refers to the uppermost object that will store everything else underneath it. For a smaller campground, this would be the campground name. However, for larger campgrounds such as State, Regional, or National Parks, it would be the park name.

Underneath campgrounds are 'Campground Areas' which are a way of grouping campsites or rental items within a given area. For a smaller campground, it is recommended to just have one campground area and name it 'Main Campground Area'. You also have the option of hiding the campground area name so that sites and rental items just blend in with the main campground page. Larger campgrounds, such as State, Regional or National Parks, may have several campground areas that are geographically dispersed. For this reason, each campground area can have its own address and information.

Within campground areas, you can setup campsites and rental items but you will need to first specify what campsite types are at your campground such as Electric Campsite, Non-Electric Campsite, Cabin, Group Campsite, etc. You will also need to specify rental item types if you want to add rental items. Some examples of rental item types include: picnic shelter, kayak, canoe, boats, paddleboards, bicycles, etc. You can specify different rates and settings for each campsite type and rental item type. Next, add campsites and rental items and associate them to their relevant types. If you need help setting up your campground or have a large campground with a lot of sites, we can help! Just email us at

Other things to setup with your campground include adding employees, adding any discounts you would like to offer customers, and adding holiday dates. Dates that are designated as holidays allow you to charge a different rate. You can also specify any amenities that your campground and campground areas have. Some amenity examples include: beach, playground, fishing, golf, showers, etc.

Now that your campground is all setup and ready to go, decide if you want customers to shop and reserve directly at or if you want to add the reservation system into your website. It's really easy to add the reservation system into your website using the plugin feature. To learn how to do this, check out the plugin page which explains how.

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Orders, Reservations, and Receipts

As customers start to make purchases, there are three things that the purchases will result in: orders, reservations, and receipts. Each of these will have a unique number once a customer checks-out and completes their purchase. An order includes everything that a customer had in their shopping cart and covers the entire purchase. An order might have just a campsite reservation, or it might include a campsite reservation, two rental reservations, and some store items. Each campsite included in the purchase will get its own reservation number. Similarly, each rental item included in the purchase will get its own reservation number. Store items that were purchased will get one receipt number per order and covers all of the store items on that order. As a campground admin or employee, you can search for purchases based on each of these numbers and can easily navigate between items on an order.

Receiving Orders, Reservations, and Payments

Once your campground is all setup, you are ready to start receiving orders and reservations! You can setup email and text alerts within the system to let you know when new reservations and purchases are made. The Campsite Reservations system is mobile device friendly so customers can purchase items and make reservations from their favorite device whether it's a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Every Monday, Campsite Reservations will pay your campground for sales generated the previous week. Payments paid to campgrounds will be for the total sale amount less two subtractions: a PayPal fee and a Campsite Reservations fee.

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Managing Orders, Reservations, and Cancellations

Now that your campground is receiving orders and reservations, it's time to view and manage them. There are several self-service reports available within the system. You can set specific report parameters, generate the report, and then download it in Excel or PDF format. Detailed sales reports are available, as well as a customer list report which provides customer level information based on customers that have made purchases at your campground.

Managing orders, reservations, and receipts within the Campsite Reservations system is easy. Simply search for an item and make any necessary updates. Reservation changes are also easy to do. Simply pull up the reservation, click on 'Change Reservation', search for another available campsite or rental item and then submit the change. Amounts will automatically be adjusted after changes or updates have been made. You can also override any amounts on orders, reservations, and receipts if needed.

It's unavoidable; cancellations happen. Thankfully, the system provides an easy way for cancelling orders or reservations. If a customer made payments and is due a refund, this will be identified within the system. Campground admins and employees can then easily issue a refund to customers using PayPal. Refunds may result from an order or reservation change, or because of a cancellation. To learn more about how cancellations work, take a look at the cancellations section of the documentation.

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