Referral Program - Earn $300 USD /Campground is looking for new customers to use our reservation system. We think it's a pretty amazing system but could use some help spreading the word! On your travels or camping adventures, be sure to talk to the park or campground and recommend the reservation system. Did you come across a campground that doesn't take online reservations yet, send them our way!

To compensate you for your efforts, we are paying a $300 USD referral bonus for each new park or campground that signs up to use the reservation system. To be eligible for the referral bonus, parks/campgrounds must agree to use the reservation system for at least 12 months and confirm that you referred them to our system. The referral bonus will be paid out through PayPal once the campground begins using the online reservation system and receives their first online reservation, or the campground pays for an annual invoice if they decide to use the reservation system internally and does not want to accept online reservations.

For more information about the reservation system, check out the Reservation System Overview Page.

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