Campsite Reservations
System Costs

The Campsite Reservations system has no setup fees, commitments, or obligations. There is also no fees or costs for campground admins or employees to enter (phone, walk-in, etc.) reservations into the system. Costs are determined by whether the campground accepts online reservations or not. See details below.

Option 1: Campground Accepts Online Reservations

If a campground has 50% or more of their campsites reservable online, then the Campsite Reservations system is 100% free for campgrounds to use. If less than 50% of campsites are reservable online, an annual fee will be charged to the campground to use the reservation system. In this case, use the cost structure listed in the next section.

For campgrounds with 50% or more of their campsites reservable online, a modest online reservation base fee is applied to online reservation orders placed by campers. There is also a PayPal fee added which is a percent of the toal sale amount. To learn more about PayPal fees, click here.

The total reservation fee is determined by the currency the campground accepts and the country that the buyer is from. To see what the total estimated online reservation fee will be, select the options below and click the 'View Costs' button.

View Total Estimated Reservation Costs

Currency the Campground Accepts  
Country the Customer is From     

Option 2: Campground Does Not Accept Online Reservations

If the campground does not have 50% or more of their available campsites reservable online, then an annual reservation system fee will be charged to the campground based on the following formula:

Annual Fee = $250 USD / 30 Campsites

For Example:
1-30 Campsites (Annual Fee = $250 USD)
31-60 Campsites (Annual Fee = $500 USD)
61-90 Campsites (Annual Fee = $750 USD)

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