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Nancy M.
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  Wekiwa Springs State Park
Reviewed on March 25th, 2023
Wekiwa Springs which is just minutes from downtown Orlando is a very busy park and often reaches capacity and will be temporarily closed to admittance unless you have a camping reservation. This was happening on the day we arrived. Out on the main road security was monitoring the gates and had to move the barriers to let us pass through. We biked down to the springs later and it was filled to capacity. The park is not always that busy, it can also be a quiet and peaceful place to spend some time. The clear waters of the springs are surprising warmer than expected and a wonderful place to cool down on a hot day. Originally known as Clay Springs the springs have been attracting people to the crystal clear waters where 42 million gallons of water flow from them each day. Back in the early days when there was a hotel and bathhouse they attracted people to the area saying that the springs had healing powers for many different ailments. There are many miles of bikeable bike paths for fat tired bikes. Several miles of trails gives you lots of choice where to hike and horse back riding is allowed on most of the trails. Great paddling for canoes and kayaks down the Wekiva River and Rock Springs Run. Lots of wildlife in the area, deer, alligators, various birds, and the say they often get visits from bears however we never saw signs of one either time that we were there. Because of the proximity to Orlando it is a great campground to stay in while visiting all the parks in the area.
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