Review of Campsite 301 in 300 Campground at Willow River State Park Review
Stephen E.
3 Star Rating3 out of 5 stars
  Almost Perfect
Reviewed on June 24th, 2024
At first glance of the photos for this site i was really excited as it looked like it had a good amount of privacy and room. For whatever reason the room in the site was a lot tighter than we thought, but it was sufficient. Being directly next to the bathroom can often be a drag with people coming and going constantly, but this site is a good enough distance that it didn't really affect us. The main issue with this site is that all of the traffic for the 300 group of sites comes down a main road right by this site. With sufficient tree coverage, this is not a huge deal, but this site has a perfect clearing of trees that acts as a gigantic window into the campsite for everyone that drives in. We ended up ignoring it mostly but definitely didn't feel very private. All in all it was a good site, easy to get to, close to the bathrooms, with a low amount of privacy.
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