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Stephen E.
Campsite 301 in 300 Campground at Willow River State Park, Wisconsin, United States
3 Star Rating3.0 out of 5 stars
  Almost Perfect
Reviewed on June 24th, 2024
At first glance of the photos for this site i was really excited as it looked like it had a good amount of privacy and room. For whatever reason the room in the site was a lot tighter than we thought, but it was sufficient. Being directly next to the bathroom can often be a drag with people coming and going constantly, but this site is a good enough distance that it didn't really affect us. The main issue with this site is that all of the traffic for the 300 group of sites comes down a main road right by this site. With sufficient tree coverage, this is not a huge deal, but this site has a perfect clearing of trees that acts as a gigantic window into the campsite for everyone that drives in. We ended up ignoring it mostly but definitely didn't feel very private. All in all it was a good site, easy to get to, close to the bathrooms, with a low amount of privacy.
Campsite 17 in Cart-in Campground at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Minnesota, United States
5 Star Rating5.0 out of 5 stars
  Beautiful views
Reviewed on September 15th, 2023
Very private, beautiful views of the lighthouse and the lake. Minimal road noise you really just hear the lake! Convenient to get to the pit toilet. The cart in is no joke though, there's a pretty decent hill leading up to the campsite.
Brenda R.
Interstate State Park, Minnesota, United States
4 Star Rating4.0 out of 5 stars
  Interstate Park review
Reviewed on September 7th, 2023
I've probably left a review before, but I find it funny that this park has 3 stars and it is full every weekend. I love this campground and all that Taylor's Falls and across the river has to offer. The bathrooms are in horrible 1940's condition and usually one shower is always broken. I wish there was a cut through to bathroom, so you don't have to walk around the entire campground. Self-contained is best if you can onboard water. Non-river front campsites are larger and more spacious, but you can't beat the river view.
Campsite 25 in Baptism River Campground at Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota, United States
5 Star Rating5.0 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on August 24th, 2023
Secluded site. Very private as it's a walk in site at the end of a dead end so no one will walk by your site. However the hiking trail goes by the back of the site, so you can see and hear hikers through the trees. Did not bother me though.
Campsite 21 in Jay Cooke State Park Campground at Jay Cooke State Park, Minnesota, United States
4 Star Rating4.0 out of 5 stars
  Spacious and private
Reviewed on August 24th, 2023
Large site with a large tent pad. I tent camped, but I think it could accommodate a large RV. Lots of space in the site. Feels very private, not easy to see in from the road. Has good trees for hanging a hammock.
Campsite 21e in Upper Campground at Temperance River State Park, Minnesota, United States
4 Star Rating4.0 out of 5 stars
  Great privacy, decent lake access
Reviewed on August 24th, 2023
Really nice site. Feels bigger and much more private than some of the other sites, especially the ones closer to the bathrooms. There is a lake view, but not a full view it's more like the lake is peeking through the trees. You have to walk down a short trail and steps to get down to the lake. We tent camped so I can't say how it would go with an RV but nothing stood out as anything that would be a problem for an RV. You get a bit of highway noise but not as bad as some of the other ones closer to the road. I think this site is one of the best at this campground in terms of privacy, size, distance from road noise and proximity to the lake.
Campsite 18 in Jay Cooke State Park Campground at Jay Cooke State Park, Minnesota, United States
4 Star Rating4.0 out of 5 stars
  Spacious and private but slight toilet smell
Reviewed on August 24th, 2023
Spacious campsite that feels pretty private. We tent camped so I can't say how it would be for an RV but nothing stood out as an obvious problem for RVs. No complaints about the tent pad. The only flaw is that it's close enough to the toilet that you do smell it sometimes when the wind blows your way. I would still choose this site over the more crowded inner ones in the other loops though.
Bryan F.
Campsite 48e in Lake Bemidji State Park Campground - Pine Lane Loop at Lake Bemidji State Park, Minnesota, United States
2 Star Rating2.0 out of 5 stars
  Pretty tight parking
Reviewed on June 12th, 2023
You better have a small camper it has a tree right in the middle of lane so you better be good at parking. I would not use anything more than 24 footer. Smaller the better.
Nancy M.
Cypremort Point State Park, Louisiana, United States
4 Star Rating4.0 out of 5 stars
  Cypremort State Park
Reviewed on March 28th, 2023
Cypremort State Park is a small state park on Vermillion Bay near the Gulf of Mexico on a half mile stretch of a man made beach. The beach itself is very nice sand but when you walk into the water it gets a bit mushy. The view from the shore is beautiful and peaceful. There is a couple of fishing piers where we saw several people out fishing from shore or you access the bay by boat from the boat launch just outside the park. There is large marsh within the park with a long board walk that brings you out into the marsh where you can see alligators, deer and lots of different birds. The camping in the park is very limited as tent camping is the only camping allowed at the moment. The sites are open along the shores of the beach. When we were there they were working at building RV sites along the back of the park that will accommodate most size RV’s and will offer electricity, water and sewer hook ups. They told us they will all be pull through sites. Since there was no overnight parking for motorhomes we spent the two nights we were there in the parking lot of the boat launch. It allows 24 hour parking for a small fee . During the day we took our motorhome back into the park to the picinic area and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. It was very calm when we were there however the park people did tell us that they often get lots of wind. Worth the drive for this out of the way park.
Nancy M.
Chicot State Park, Louisiana, United States
5 Star Rating5.0 out of 5 stars
  Chicot Lake State Park
Reviewed on March 26th, 2023
Chicot State Park located in Louisiana is a beautiful park located in central Louisiana on Lake Chicot and is the largest park in the state. There are two different camping areas here within the park, the north campground and the south campground. The south campground is has the most activities near it. Beside the campground is a splash pad for the kids, a playground and a kids hiking trail. The childrens trail is such a fun little trail for the kids with lights that they leave on twenty four hours a day and many things for them to discover along the way. The splashpad wasn’t open when we were there in March but it looked well maintained with washrooms attached. Looking out over the lake are several cabins for rent with private or semi-private docks, sunpoarches, 2 bedrooms(sleeps 6) with linens, and full kitchens. There is a extensive hiking trail that goes all the way around the lake with primitive campsites along the way. We were told it was good for bikes so we took our ebikes out on it starting near the south entrance. The trail was not good for bikes even with our fat tires as there were many roots and steep hills in this section. We later learned we had tackled the toughest part so tried again entering in the north end. Trail was much better here. It would be a good hiking trail . There are more shorter hiking trails that you hike when checking out the Louisiana State Arboretum. Beautiful beechwood/Magnoia forest and swamps around the arboretum which also has an outdoor classroom The north camping area is close to another fishing pier and boat launch and this end is were the lodges are which accommodate more people than the smaller cabins in the south end. There is also an east side to the park which accessed from 106 or on the lake trail by bike. This area is more remote but has a boat launch and pavilion for day use. Lots of owls hooting in the forest behind our campground at night. Park was quiet while we where there so it was a relaxing peaceful visit.
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